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Barr Engineering and Environmental Science Canada Ltd. R1-05 (Arena 1)
More than technical expertise Being an employee-owned company means our success depends on your success. We listen carefully, to understand what’s most important to your organization and stakeholders. We invest deeply, planning and implementing solutions that are tailored to your needs. Providing exceptional service is Barr’s fundamental focus, and solving clients’ complex problems is what makes us tick. In a world of experts, our engineering and environmental team brings even more to the table: passion, thoughtfulness, and creativity—from day one.

Bayside Geoscience Inc. Back 05 (Arena 2)
Bayside Geoscience Inc. works diligently to help companies in the mineral and exploration industry discover the potential of their projects by matching the right talent to their specialized need, through effective communication, adaptable project management and competitive pricing while building rewarding careers for the professionals we employ.

Becker Varis R1-04 (Arena 1)
Becker Varis is dedicated to the development and application of effective communications in Mining and tunnelling. Its success is a result of industry leading advancements in communication, automation and global service capabilities.

Blue Heron Solutions for Environmental Management R3-04 (Arena 2)
Specializing in the mining industry, Blue Heron Environmental is a company of professionals with extensive practical experience in assisting clients with the management of environmental, safety and regulatory risks

BMI Group/Red Rock Indian Band R3-01, 02 (Arena 2)
Our combined portfolio represents a dynamic system in which elements affect and reinforce each other. Inherent to it are network potentials ranging from location stacking and multi-modal logistics to complementary economics and skill pool leveraging. Taking a networked approach enables us to create value with the communities we work in and the partnerships we generate to build greater regional gains.

Brigade Electronics R3-05 (Arena 2)
Brigade Electronics focuses on vehicle safety solutions, enhancing safety and preventing accidents for commercial vehicles globally through innovative technology and expertise.

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