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Diamond Drilling Industries Inc. R1-10 (Arena 2)
Diamond Drilling Industries Inc. is a drill bit manufacturer with in-house design team. We have industry-leading product lines of steel body PDC bits and tricone bits for HDD, Water Well, Geothermal, Geotechnical and Mining industries. Our team can also work with customers to design and build customized drill bits for specialized applications. We have warehouse locations in Dallas, Texas, Duncan, Oklahoma, and Calgary, Alberta.

Digital Engineering, Inc. R5-15 (Arena 1)
Digital Engineering is a process management technologies firm that creates industrial hardware and software solutions specializing in automation, control systems, IT/OT and Energy.

DMC Mining R6-03 (Arena 2)
DMC has provided underground mine contracting services for 35+ years. We have a history rich in innovation, successful project executions, controlled growth, and client satisfaction. Reach out to learn more.

dp Diamond Blades, dp Exploration Concepts R5-06 (Arena 2)
dp diamond blades is a supplier of premium diamond blades based on the mohs scale for mining exploration. We provide full service core cutting, machine printed metal tags, rock polishing and core management. Our extensive team experience ensures the optimum, most effective diamond blades and services are utilized for each client’s exceptional results and value.

Driving Force R3-06 (Arena 2)
As a one-stop transportation solutions provider we use our size, the leverage of our national network and our fine-tuned service and skills to make life easier for our partners. Ask us about our vehicle lineup, equipment options, and fleet management tools today!

Duke’s Metal Industries R8-06 (Arena 2)
Our firm specializes in the manufacture of welded wire reinforcement, rebar, anchor bolts, stainless steel cloth, bar grating, among other products, offering unparalleled quality at unbeatable prices.

Dumas R2-13 (Arena 1)
Dumas is a leading full-service underground mine contractor providing services to clients throughout the Americas.

Dynapro Pumps Back 08 (Arena 2)
It's our goal to provide the most reliable pumping system. At Dynapro, our mission is to accelerate the transformation to sustainable industries by reducing the consumption of energy, water, and materials in Pumping Systems.

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